Watermelon and Pancreas Health

As watermelon was the main character of my most recent film clip (shown above), I felt I should take some time to write about it. Honestly, at first I thought there was not too much to say. When I researched the nutrition, it didn’t appear to be a “super food” of any kind. But, that […]

Quicky Chicky (a vegan recipe) (pancreatitis recipe)

I’m ashamed to say that I did not make it to the store last week to pick up fresh veggies. By Friday, any fresh items that I had were just not so fresh anymore. So when lunch time came, I had to go…canned. Honestly, that’s not such a bad thing…in moderation, since many cans do […]

Fat-Free “Oh-So-Good” Ranch…Believe it!

Look at the picture above, now at my writing, now at the picture above, now at my writing. The picture is missing something. That something would be….ranch. I’m at my kitchen table. Okay, so I think I am more excited about this post than any other post I’ve done so far, can you tell? 🙂 […]

ALL THINGS…Eating Out with Pancreatitis

It is the most social thing to do…eating out with friends and family. “Let’s get together” is usually followed with a lunch, dinner, or drink date. All of which are difficult for us with pancreatitis to do safely. Since drinking is absolutely out of the question, our socializing is left to eating out. I don’t […]

Feta Peppers

I don’t know what made me put these two items together, but I’m glad I did. Peppers and feta cheese are delicious together. This quick, extremely easy recipe can be used as a side dish, main dish, or just as a snack. They are slightly sweet with a touch of bitter, are fat free and […]

Sweet Pomato Juice (juicer recipe)

Finally a truly tasty juicer drink! I’m sure there are plenty of delicious juicer drinks out there, but I am still fairly new to juicing, so many of mine don’t turn out good enough to share with you. Today, I broke through! This was not a planned juice. My pancreas is acting up and I need some […]

Misto Popcorn

In an effort to get healthy and have a lower fat intake, I have eaten soy lecithin, dimethyl silicone, and propellant. Yes, I said propellant. Here’s an interesting thought: I’ll guess that you have too! The best way to cut fat when sauteing is to use spray oil instead of pour oil. This actually does […]